Wilderness Area


Peace River Campground offers over 100 acres of wilderness camping for your enjoyment. You can make camp anywhere you like, including many places right on the beautiful Peace River's edge. During less busy times you can spend days out of site of other campers. While there are no utilities, picnic tables, or other campground amenities, you are only a short walk to our hot showers, swimming pool, campground store and all the trappings of the "civilized" world. Because it is designed for use by the true camper, only tents, including pop ups, are allowed. No trailers, motorhomes or generators to spoil the experience. If you are a 'real' tent camping, wilderness person, you will love it here. With the civilized world so close, you can probably get the rest of your  family to join you.


One of our most asked question is if you can drive to  your  site.  As this pictures shows you can sometimes even get a site right at the edge  of the river

This is a map of the wilderness area. This area is three times the size of the campground. A hike around the circle starting and ending at the Raccoon Restaurant is about a mile and a half

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