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                        The question often asked is ?
    How is the river?  we never seem to be able to answer it so we hope the pictures following will give you the information you need.  The gage shows the river movement in the past month.  Any height from almost nothing to 11 feet is great for canoes.  The fossil  hunters seem to prefer lower as better because more of the ground is available for hunting fossils.  The pictures are all taken for the same place so if you are a regular you can refer to the picture or the gage to know what it is like on your perfect day.    

River Height  

Peace River (FL) at Arcadia

Graph of  Gage height, feet

River at .74 ft on
May 30 2009
River at 1.5 ft on
April  7 2006
River at 3 ft on
April  2003
River at 4ft on
May  2002
 River at 5 ft on
September  2002
River at 6 ft
Sept 1, 2006

Mary's View
River at 7ft 
Oct 2002
river at 8 foot 9-02.JPG (39345 bytes) River at  8 ft  
Sept  2002
river at 9 ft. 11-02.jpg (23128 bytes) River at 9 ft 
Nov 2002
river 1-3-03.JPG (29118 bytes) River at 10 ft 
Jan 2003
river 6-30-02.JPG (46608 bytes) River at 11ft
June 2002
River 7-5-02.JPG (46567 bytes) River at 12 ft
July 4th, 2002
River at 13 feet 7-2-03.JPG (61049 bytes) River at 13 ft
July  2003
river at 14.5 feet.JPG (34487 bytes) River at 14.5 ft
June 2003
River at 15 feet 6-03.JPG (62534 bytes) River at 15.2 ft
June  2003
new_house_9-16-01.jpg (118751 bytes) River at 18.4 ft
Sept 2001
a record high level
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