Peace River Campground
is happy to announce its
Florida Residents Annual Lease


At the request of several of our regular campers, we have come up with a program that may be of interest to you. You bring your RV, get it all set up on the best site available, and then simply leave it here. Many of our Northern friends do this during the summer months and get "Seasonal Rates". With a year round camping season here in Florida we have come up with an annual program. At a cost of $5096 or $450  month on our autopayment plus metered electric you convert your RV into a Country Home. On the weekend, or your day off, or anytime you want, you come and the RV is all set up and ready to enjoy. No more towing, no set up time, no more packing and unpacking! You arrive and relax. All at a cost of less than $14 per day!    Some of our customers have told me that they pay upwards of $100 a month to store the RV near home. On an annual lease you eliminate that expense or perhaps get the RV out of your driveway. When you arrive, you let us know you're here and drive to your site. No delays at check in!  Going on Vacation is easy by going from here or simply taking the RV home with you the week before vacation. Most people feel that they should get more use out of their RV and now here is the perfect way to do so. Why not come out soon and see what sites are available. Call for a reservation, as this is a busy time. Maybe this is the last time you will need to call for a reservation if you become one of our Florida Resident Campers.

For More Information Call 1-863-494-9693