Peace River Campground


FREE RV STORAGE - What's the catch

Well we think you will agree it is an acceptable catch. You store your RV here at the campground and any month that you camp with us for two consecutive nights your storage is free.

Here is how it works:

You bring your RV to us when you come camping and leave it here when you return home.  We move it to our storage area.  The next time you come camping you call and make a reservation, you tell us you are in storage, and we move your camper from storage to a site.  If you camp for two nights your storage will be free.  If you don't camp for two nights during the 30 days after you left your camper here, we will bill your credit card $75.  We then start your next 30 day period.  If you  camp here two consecutive nights a month, you store your RV free. And the deal is even better. Your unit is kept in our storage area which is accessible only thru the campground and therefore is safe and secure. When you decide to come camping, you call us (hopefully a couple of days ahead) and we put your unit on site for you. After you leave, we return your unit to storage. This of course means no towing for you so you don't even have to bring your tow vehicle. You can only get storage credit by staying here two consecutive nights each month and cannot bank it, so we hope to see you every month.  In the event you don't camp, you only pay the normal storage charge which we think you will agree is a bargain.  We hope you think this is a good deal and suggest you call and make a reservation to come on out and camp with us this weekend . You can look us over and if this program appeals to you, leave your RV here!

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