was born on April 17,2000

He came to live with us two months later.   Many campers know of our love of Dogs and I thought it might be fun to share pictures of  "Hal" or "Halle" as he grows up. 

I will have new pictures here on a regular basis.

hallesummer1stday.jpg (43870 bytes)

What 's with this hugging all the time

Mvc-068s.jpg (31838 bytes)

Would you like a toy to play with?

Lilly__Hal.jpg (34907 bytes)

Who says you can't sneak up on a cat

haldisherwasher.jpg (10497 bytes)

The world's best prewasher ready for another load

Mvc-061s.jpg (40515 bytes)

Ok, so its time for a bigger bed!

HALFISH.jpg (27561 bytes)

By Himself Hal Caught this fish and brought it right in the kitchen for mom to cook. 

hal&roadie.jpg (34507 bytes)

I'll hold this for you

Hal7433-01.jpg (29897 bytes)  My little puppy at 12 months and 102 pounds
Hal full grown (we hope) at 120 lbs and 20MPH
Hal running-378S.JPG (38706 bytes)
Hal at breakfast2-02-381S.JPG (36182 bytes) On weekends you can find Hal waiting for a sausage at the Pancake breakfast
Hal at parade 2002.JPG (40321 bytes) Hal is ready to drive the Golf Cart in the 
Christmas Parade