After the loss of our beloved Hallelujah and an unbearable wait Cadillac arrived on Feb 24th 2006

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Our first picture of Cadillac at nine days old and he had not opened his eyes yet.  Caddy is a production of Country Goldens in Flora Home. Florida. 



Cadillac's Mom:  "Julie Roberts"
Cadillac's Father:  "Diesel"
Caddy at five weeks and already a mischief maker -  sticking his tongue out at the camera
Caddy and George on his first day at the campground.  Gives meaning to the phase of having your hands full.  Already the weight of a lady's bowling ball
A day short of 5 months and the beginning of the hard times.  Caddy spent about 5 hours in the water "helping" campers find fossils. The next day he could not walk
X-rays confirmed that Caddy had severe hip dysphasia in both hips.  Even the pain of the hips could not stop him from smiling when George carried him in and out of the house.
The first surgery done and looking good.  Caddy was such a good patient he not only did not fuss with his incisions he would not let anyone else do anything. He had the collar off in 4 days which was enough time to destroy most things in the house
More problems. His second surgery was delayed twice because of a minor skin infection. We shaved him to the skin and used medicine and special soap to kill the infections.  Remember his problem was in the hips.  I think he could put his front legs up over his head if he wanted to.
The second surgery caused a swelling, which blocks his ability to urinate and requires a catheter.  Caddy removes the catheter in spite of the head cone and two stitches to hold it in.  At the verge of surgery, he begins to urinate and things start getting better
Into late September, we have two surgeries and the bladder problems behind us.  Now we begin the rehab to restore the muscles.  He has his "Lion" haircut and he is at full attention, looking at a stick that he thinks is something else
This picture was taken in broad daylight on 9-17-06.  I don't know what a halo looks like, but I think maybe someone other than us is watching over our Caddy.  No other pictures taken that day had anything glowing. 
It is the middle of October and Caddy has had his x-rays and surgery check up. The hips look good and our boy is in his morning swim therapy.  He swims for 10 -15 minutes unless he can get rid of the rope.  If he can break the rope or slip his collar he is gone for 2 hours.  He still has some allergy problems which we hope he will out grow.
Caddy had his last surgery on November 21st.  What should have been a simple neutering on a male dog became major and an undesended testicle require adnominal surgery.  He did great and a week later he had his half mile run and his morning  swim.  Nothing is left but fun and games and
Here in Caddy on his morning run on his first Birthday.  If you look real close you will notice that only one foot is touching the ground.  He is graceful and without any pain. I think and hope all his problems are behind him
It is the second anniversary of Caddy's faithful day in the water.  He now spends up to six hours a day  in the river hunting fossils.  He has hundreds of fossil hunting friends and would be glad to find one for you.  This a rare weekend picture of him Dry and Fluffy.  All his medical problems are behind him and life is all fun and games.  
It is five years since his last medical problem and life continues to be all fun and games. Caddy has his costume on and is ready to go trick or treating                                                                                                                             
  Our Caddy went to

Doggy Heaven on August 18th 2013 to join his golden

predecessors.  His memory will always be on this page and the hundreds

or thousands of people that met him in the river or on George's golf

cart or at a dog parade can relive the fun of knowing him.

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