Meet Forest Stump

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On Thanksgiving weekend 1999 Nationally known chainsaw artist Rod Green transformed the remains of the beautiful Oak tree that use to overlook our swimming pool into a wooden work of art.  Rod spent the better part of three days,  used over one hundred dollars in saw chains and over a gallon of chain bar oil cutting what he felt was the hardest wood he has ever worked.   While hundreds of campers watched and speculated what is was going to be our newest permanent resident of the park, Forest came out of hiding and started to head for the swimming pool.  He will never get there as he is held down and supported by a root system that held up the huge Oak tree.  Forest is not small standing over 9 foot tall and weighing an estimated  6400 lbs.  In a contest that ran through out the weekend we received 248 name suggestions and decided on the name Forest Stump which was suggested by two separated entries that each won a free weekend of camping for their efforts.    We expect Forest to be on his way to the pool for the next 50 plus years and hope you will enjoy him as much as  we do. 

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