Golf Cart Rentals        


Golf carts are available for rent on a first come first served basis.  We use only Yamaha Golf carts as we have found from experience they hold up better and are the best made carts.  We only have gas powered carts as electric will only last a couple of hours and then need a long recharge period (12 hours).   The carts are allowed anywhere on the property but only on the roads.  They cannot be driven on the grass or on the ATV trails.  The rentals will seat 4 adults and rent as follows

$25 for one hour

$60 for three hours   $100 for eight hours

$150 for 24 hours         $250 for 48 hours          $325 for 72 hours

Weekly $450        


We have several carts available for extended time periods.  These are rented for $250 from your arrival on Friday to departure on Sunday and while you keep them they cannot be used after 10PM when all auxiliary vehicle use is prohibited.  All rentals require a signed agreement of the printed rules, a licensed driver on them at all times, although kids can drive the adult remains responsible and must be on the cart.  The carts are inspected when they are returned and the renter is responsible for all damages.  A driver's license is required for rental and is retained until the cart is turned in.  

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