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    One of the popular activities while at the campground is Fossil Hunting.  Our mile and a quarter of river front provides ample areas for hunting fossils which range from sharks teeth to an almost complete Columbian Mammoth found in 1996.   Fossils can be found anywhere but two of the most prolific areas are at the boat ramp and the beach area.  This maybe because they provide easy access to the river.  You can walk the shore or even rent a canoe and find a new area.  The campground store sells various fossil sifters and digging tools or you can bring you own.  We have complimentary information to help you identify what you found.  Several large groups come several times a year and have lots of experts with them.  There are even guides that will take you on a trip on the river and help you find them.  If the weather and timing is right you may find "Cadillac"  Georges fossil hunting golden retriever at the boat ramp.  Go to the photo icon on our home page and click on Cadillac to read his sad story with the happy ending

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  This is Soleil at the beach with a 5 inch Sharks tooth that came from a 50 foot shark bigger than a school bus

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