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 ATV and other auxiliary vehicle operation

Non Florida licensed vehicles are allowed and welcome at Peace River Campground under very strict rules

All guests in a non licensed vehicle are required to have a wrist band


Auxiliary vehicle operation at Peace River Campground

We allow you to bring golf carts, ATVís and other vehicles no bigger than a golf cart. You are allowed to drive these anywhere in the park under some strictly enforced rules. The speed limit anywhere on the property is 9 1/2 MPH. So if you have a competition vehicle and want to go fast, this is not the place to be. Operation of a non Florida licensed vehicle requires that you read and sign an agreement which contains all the rules. You are also required to purchase a wrist band at a cost of $10 which is good for the length of your stay. If you are caught breaking the rules, you will lose your wrist band and cannot purchase another until the next day. This causes both a time and monetary penalty which seems to control the operation of the vehicles. The operation of an auxiliary vehicle is restricted to registered guests of the park. The least expensive camping we offer is $19 per person per night or $16 per person per night with a reservation. So if you register as a wilderness camper, you can purchase a wrist band and putter around the property. Remember this is a family campground and often has hundreds of kids here. This is not an ATV park.

The hours of operation are also defined as 8AM till dark, determined as when our automatic lights come on. The vehicle must be muffled to the equivalent of a normal golf cart. Straight un-muffled exhaust is too loud and will not be allowed. Auxiliary vehicle operation is confined to the roads in the campground and group tenting areas (stay off the grass). You can take your vehicle anywhere in the wilderness. Our rental golf carts are confined to only the roads anywhere. If a member of the staff says you are breaking the rules and you disagree, management will probably agree with staff.  Staff has the authority to take your wrist band.  Your attitude and deportment when you are stopped goes a long way in helping the staff decide what they want to do. It is pretty much decided that if you're stopped with a a bad attitude  you wonít be riding the rest of the day. There are no exceptions to the requirement of a wrist band. Unless you live or work here and know every staff member by sight and they know you, plan on getting and wearing a wrist band. We understand this is not what everyone wants, but we have a large and growing number of campers that enjoy puttering around slowly and safely and hope you will see if this is for you. If you lose your privileges, you broke the rules. Complaining and threats to never return are accepted, but never change the rules. We welcome you telling all your friends, as we donít want to mislead them, and prefer they go elsewhere if they canít agree to the rules .


These are the operation rules 

1. The operator's and guests must have a wrist band which will be worn on the operator's left wrist.

2. Speed limit is 9Ĺ mph everywhere on the property. No donuts, wheelies or other wild riding is allowed anywhere on the property.

3. Vehicles can only be operated on the roads in the campground. If you donít know if it is a road donít use it.

4. No Auxiliary Vehicles are permitted past the front entrance.

5. You cannot cut through other camper's sites or bother them.

6. Wrist bands will be issued to all operators and passengers, but minor age operators will be the responsibility of the adult they are camping with who signs this agreement. The adult will continue to be responsible for the minor operating the vehicle, and is expected to supervise the operation of both the minor and the vehicle.

7. The campground accepts no responsibility for damage to any vehicles operated under this agreement.

8. Vehicles other than golf carts with lights may not be operated after dark, defined as one half hour after sunset. All non licensed vehicles may not be operated after 10 PM or before 8 AM, which are the campground quiet hours.

9. Operators in violation of these rules will have their wrist band revoked without refund but may be allowed to purchase another the next day.

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