Peace River Campground Animals

Great News

Johnny has a new addition to her pet collection. 

He is a Sulcata tortoise  He received his name which is Tortini on Memorial Day via a contest to  name him.


On the left is Tortini

On the right is Johnny giving Deanna LeMay her prize for coming up with the best Name

Tortini has is own phone which helps us find him when he plays hide and seek with Johnny




       This is Miss-Shell Tortini's mate and companion

Hawkeye our disabled Hawk has passed away. His roommate Hot lips recovered from her injuries and was released. She has remained in the area and has been seen by the staff and campers on a regular bases. 



This is Miata or Mia for short

she is George's 5th Golden Retriever and has large shoes to fill.  Her predecessor Cadillac would  find and bring fossils to campers.  So far we think Mia may be a commando as her primary activity is to hunt and destroy.  Shoes, newspapers. decorations and almost anything else is up for grabs. As a female and runt of the litter she should be smaller than the Alpha males George always had but so far she has been a hand full. 

This is Stella 
Johnny's 10 pound Chi beagle.  She is almost full grown and is Mia's partner in crime literally. She has the energy of a Jack Russell, the cunning of a fox and the speed of a greyhound. After 40 plus years we have two puppies at one time, which is not a good idea.  You can't believe what the old dog teaches the new until they are both new.  She is cute as a button and will steal your heart, and your cookies, at the same time.

 This is Lilly
Johnny's house cat doing what she does best

This is Snickers
Our miniature horse whom you may find out walking with Johnny


This is Caramel and Godiva
who can often be found out walking with Johnny and Tortini all around the campground.

This is Tortini 

He is a African tortoise and you can find him out for a walk with Johnny and the pigmy goats  He can and does walk across the whole park in a matter of minutes.


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This is Miss Shell our second tortoise and companion for Tortini.  She is smaller than Tortini and he really likes her


Cadillac saying Hello to one of his Raccoon friends

At the top of the ramp

Just leaving the restaurant

a box lunch



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